Scarf tied in front..

Large 22" x 90" scarf sewn into a "poncho".  You can wear this 3 different ways. 

Dye It! Sew It! Wear It!

Scarf tied around neck.

Three ways to wear the large scarf.

Fashion a one-of-a-kind silk garment.  Using instant setting ColorHue Dyes, create one or two scarves which will be sewn into one of three designs.  Add beading and/or silk ribbon to your  creation and leave class wearing your new fashion Kit includes scarves and silk ribbon. 

Each student in this class will receive a pocket folder with instructions and paper to take notes on.  You will first dye a 11" x 72" silk scarf to learn how the dyes work before dyeing a 22" x 90" scarf.  The larger one will be sewn into a "poncho" like garment that can be worn multiple ways. See the samples below. 

Class kit will include everything you need to make this one of a kind silk garment, 

Students will first dye a 11" x 72" silk scarf to learn how the dyes work before starting on the 22" x 90" silk scarf.  The dyes used are included in the class  Marlene Glickman and I will have Itajime shapes, stencils and lots of ideas you can use to create your scarves.  All you need to do to prepare for the class is wear old clothes or an apron in class.  There will be gloves available for those that need them.

The green scarf is the 22" x 90" scarf.  The indigo is a smaller scarf not a size you will have in this class but it is an example like the green.

This is another sample of how to wear this scarf; it is smaller than the one your will make in this class.

Scarf tied.